Vinyl Floor Repair

Whether you have vinyl sheet flooring or vinyl tiles, from time to time, damage can occur that may have you concerned that the entire floor must be replaced. While this is sometimes the case, often a simply vinyl floor repair job can be performed to get it looking like new once again. There are products available now that make patching and other repairs easier than replacing the entire floor. The scope of the repair and the style of vinyl, as well as the location of the damage, will dictate whether you can obtain a repair kit and handle the job yourself, or whether a professional vinyl floor repair company will be needed.

Vinyl floor repair kits include a filler that gets tinted to match the floor color. It is then covered with a clear acrylic finish. This type of vinyl floor repair will be fine if the damage is small enough to be completed with just one kit. You might want to go with a professional if the area is larger or in a prominent place because, although the result will look close to the original, a large repaired section might be noticeable. It is also difficult to match a unique texture.

Vinyl floor repair for vinyl tiles and planks is a relatively easy job, but it will require having the right tools and materials for the job. In order to remove the damaged tile or plank, you will need the correct amount of heat to weaken the installation adhesive. You will then need a replacement tile or plank to put down along with the appropriate adhesive. Rather than having to purchase a container of adhesive, using a vinyl floor repair company just might be the best option for this type of vinyl flooring. If you are in need of this service, please contact us at Jim’s Floor Depot in Lakeland, Florida.

Note: One thing to keep in mind whenever having a vinyl floor installed is to store extra materials to use later for repairs. Flooring materials change rapidly and the same style is often unavailable later.