Today’s Vinyl Flooring OptionsPerhaps you’ve been thinking about new flooring, but can’t decide what type, since you want something that has all the best traits. You want it to be durable like tile, but warm to the feet like wood. The answer might surprise you: vinyl flooring. Before you think only of the old rolled linoleum installed in many homes back in the 1970s, know that today’s vinyl flooring options are much different.

Vinyl flooring comes in patterns that realistically mimic tile and in plank sizes that look very much like wood. They are installed using an adhesive designed specifically for vinyl flooring. The material is extremely durable, being manufactured with a scratch-resistant surface that makes it nearly as indestructible as tile, yet it is warmer and more comfortable to stand on.

The option that looks like wood comes in plank sections much like laminate and hardwoods do, so it can be installed with the same appearance. It comes in many different shades, patterns and textures that look amazingly like wood. It has been known to deceive even real estate agents once it is installed. It doesn’t need maintenance like hardwoods do, and if a section becomes damaged, it is easy to take up just that plank and replace it.

Having vinyl flooring that looks like ceramic tile or even natural stone is a huge benefit, as it does not chip when things are dropped on it. It also gives you the same ability to replace just one tile should one become damaged.

Before you choose real tile or wood, visit us at Jim’s Floor Depot in Lakeland, Florida to see our affordable vinyl flooring options. You will be very pleasantly surprised!