How to Recognize a Quality Tile Flooring InstallationBecoming an expert in tile flooring installation is not something that is achieved overnight. It takes training under a professional and then tons of practice. While they learn by practice, you don’t really want them getting that practice on your project. A reputable flooring company will hire only those who have been performing tile flooring installations long enough to do a great job, but it doesn’t hurt to know how to recognize the traits.

The first thing that you should notice is the care they take in preparing the room. They should carefully move any furniture to another room if possible. They will also take precautions to keep debris from going all over the house.

The next thing is one of the most critical: they must prepare the existing floor. Nearly every failed tile floor can be traced back to preparation that was not done properly. If there is a problem with the existing floor, covering it up with tile is not going to resolve it. It is usually advisable to remove the existing flooring.

A proper tile flooring installation will center tile in doorways, hallways and the room as much as possible. Finding the right place to begin takes practice to make it look right. An experienced installer will find the center point and square the room before beginning.

Once there are a few tiles down, you can tell things are going well if the tiles all look level and the grout lines are consistent. They won’t actually put the grout in until later, but you should be able to see that the tiles are straight and the grout is of minimal width.

Through all this process, be sure to give the tile flooring installation person or team room to work. It is fine to check in now and then, but once you are convinced they are doing a great job, then leave them to it.

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