Bathroom Floor MaterialsThere are very few flooring options that are not suitable for a bathroom floor, although some are better than others, depending on your lifestyle, budget and needs. As new materials and installation methods arrive on the market, even more options are available. Here are a few to consider for your bathroom remodeling project:

  • Tile: Ceramic tile is always a popular choice because it is very durable and easy to clean. It is waterproof, and most styles are stain-resistant. There are two deterrents to using tile for a bathroom floor: it’s cold during the winter and can be slippery when wet. Both of these downsides can be overcome, however– there are tile options that offer slip-resistance, and a radiant floor heating system can be installed below the tile.
  • Vinyl: There are three types of vinyl products, including peel-and-stick vinyl squares, vinyl sheeting, and a style that is installed with adhesive and comes in squares like tile or planks that simulate wood. The first is not recommended, as pool-and-stick squares do not hold up to the wet conditions. The last is recommended only if installed by professionals who know how to properly do the seams so water cannot seep under them. Vinyl sheeting is an ideal choice for those who want an economical option and want to avoid installing radiant floor heating, yet want a floor that is not as cold.
  • Wood/Laminate: Although solid wood is not recommended, laminate options and even some bamboo products have been designed that are suitable for moisture and humidity conditions. They must be installed properly to keep them from becoming damaged.
  • Cork: Cork is one of the newer options to hit the market, and its resistance to mold and mildew make it an ideal option. It is also water resistant. This is a more tricky installation than other bathroom floor options, so it should only be performed by a professional installer experienced with cork flooring.

Our professionals at Jim’s Floor Depot are very familiar with what options are best for a bathroom floor application and will be happy to discuss the advantages of each type with you.