Tile Flooring

Shopping for tile flooring can befuddle the mind when you see so many different types and the prices vary so drastically in a way that may not make sense to you. Part of the reason for the price difference has to do with whether the tile is ceramic or porcelain tile, and what quality construction it is. Understanding what is involved will help you select the best product for your application.

Ceramic tile can be found starting under $1 per square foot. An extremely low-priced product may be either an unpopular style or one that is very basic. You can recognize ceramic tile because it will normally have a thin veneer layer on top of a reddish clay material. When this tile becomes chipped or worn down, you will see that material. Look also at the thickness of the tile. Bargain ceramic tile may be much thinner and is thus difficult to install without experiencing breakage. Plan to purchase extra if you decide to go with this type of tile.

Porcelain tile flooring is generally more durable than ceramic tile. The underlying color of the tile is often colored much like the veneer, so it won’t be as noticeable if it chips. There are also bargain versions of porcelain tile, so be sure to watch your thickness with these, as well. Color-through porcelain tile is another option that will be more costly, but it’s a good idea in high-traffic areas.

There is a rating system for tile flooring products that will help you decide which tile to go with for your project. For example, glazed tile will have a PEI rating, which rates the tile’s ability to resist abrasion. Also, be sure to get a tile that is rated for this type of use, as some tile is only rated for walls.


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