Benefits of Upgrading Padding for Carpet Flooring ProjectsCarpeting is manufactured in many different levels of quality, giving homeowners and businesses the ability to choose a grade that works with the traffic the carpet will endure and the feel and appearance they desire. One factor, however, that often gets overlooked when obtaining new carpet flooring is that the padding placed under the carpeting is an important decision, as well.

There are various grades of padding that can be installed under carpet flooring. They come in various thicknesses and some also have additional characteristics, such as adding a moisture block. There are benefits of going with upgraded padding. First of all, regardless of the plushness of the carpet flooring, it will feel softer with higher-quality padding. This can give a truly luxurious feel and is an especially great idea for areas where small children will be playing.

Another benefit of upgrading padding for carpet flooring projects is that it protects the carpeting from wear, thereby extending its life. When you consider that the cost to upgrade is often a small part of the overall carpet flooring cost, it makes financial sense. As for the other features of some specialized padding, your flooring specialist can examine your floors to let you know whether you would benefit from them.

The main thing when it comes to replacing carpet flooring is to never reuse the existing padding. The padding wears down at the same rate or even faster than the carpeting itself, so if it is time to replace the carpeting, it is definitely time to replace the padding, as well. If you don’t, then your new carpeting will fail very quickly and the warranty will likely not be honored.


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