Benefits of Custom Cabinetry

When having your home remodeled, one of the wisest choices to make is to incorporate custom cabinetry into the project. This stands true regardless of whether it is a kitchen remodeling project, bathroom remodeling project, or putting in specialized cabinetry, such as in a media area, closet storage, garage storage or entertainment area.

There are many benefits of custom cabinetry. Here are just a few:

  1. Unique Style: Through custom cabinetry, your home can be completely different than any other home. This makes it possible to suit individual taste, lifestyle and needs, and it might be a fun way to make a room of your home different from all the similar ones in the neighborhood, making entertaining your friends and family a bit more special.
  2. Quality: Custom cabinetry is built to last, as it is constructed by hand by professional cabinet makers. These craftsmen take pride in their work and only use quality materials throughout the construction process. Stock cabinetry is usually made with inexpensive particle board and has joints that are glued, nailed or screwed. Custom cabinetry, however, has joints that are dovetail, dowel, or mortise-and-tenon and they are made from your choice of high-quality wood, making them much sturdier.
  3. Features: When planning a custom cabinetry project, you choose exactly what features you want to incorporate and leave out those you do not need. For example, you might really want an area in the kitchen devoted to preparing gourmet coffee, but have no use for a wine rack.
  4. Custom Dimensions: When you choose custom cabinetry, the counter height can be whatever you desire instead of the standard options, which is perfect for those of shorter or taller stature, or even for wheelchair access.
  5. Space Efficiency: Often there is dead space, especially with kitchen cabinetry, that can be avoided entirely with custom cabinetry. Every inch is used efficiently and the cabinetry is laid out in a way that suits the manner in which you will use the room.

Think about custom cabinetry in every room of the house, as it can be made as both installed cabinetry and freestanding. If you’ve ever tried to find a computer desk that actually housed the equipment in a rational way, you probably can understand why custom cabinetry can be the solution for a number of problems.


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