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Floor CareEach type of flooring requires a specific type of floor care to not only keep it clean, but also to prolong its life. In some cases, it is even important to have routine professional floor care to keep the warranty active. If you are unsure what floor care is needed in your home, give us a call at Jim’s Floor Depot. We have experience with floor care for carpeting, hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, and more. We offer both regular maintenance floor care and emergency floor care.

  • Carpeting – Carpeting is one of those flooring types that requires proper maintenance in order to keep the manufacturer’s warranty in force. They will deny a claim if you haven’t properly cared for your carpet flooring. One reason for this is that the fibers of carpeting become damaged by traffic when dirt is present, so if that dirt isn’t cleaned up on the regular basis, more damage to the fibers occurs. Vacuuming is not enough to get up all the dirt that can hide in carpeting and the padding under it—professional carpet cleaning is required on a regular basis.
  • Ceramic Tile – Although your first sign that professional floor care is needed is the appearance of the grout, the tile itself can also be holding onto dirt, depending on its texture. Our ceramic tile floor care experts can take care of your grout and the tile. You’ll be really surprised at how much better it looks and how well bacteria and other contaminants are eliminated by our team.
  • Hardwood & Laminate – These surfaces each need the right type of floor care because too much water can damage them. These types of flooring can suffer from a buildup of cleaning products that can dull them. We can get that removed and restore its beauty. The same is true of vinyl flooring.

Since we are experienced with all types of floor care, we are the perfect choice regardless of what type of flooring you have or even if you have various types in your Lakeland, FL home. We can also take care of any repairs that might be needed. Give us a call today for an estimate on our floor care services or any of our other products or services.