If you are looking for a cost-effective and versatile option for your kitchen, consider Corian countertops from us at Jim’s Floor Depot in Lakeland, FL.

Corian Countertops, Lakeland, FLAt Jim’s Floor Depot, we want to be the only place you turn to when you remodel the kitchen in your Lakeland, Florida home. If you come to us for new countertops, our Corian countertops are a beneficial solution for several reasons. Corian is a material made from a plastic resin. Because it is made of a plastic material, it comes in virtually any color and texture.

We realize that finding the perfect countertops to install in your kitchen can be difficult because you want a countertop that will match your kitchen and can also handle the natural impact of daily wear and tear. Corian countertops are ideal because they can be created to specifically match your new kitchen’s theme or design and are a highly durable material.

Unlike stone countertops, Corian countertops are susceptible to burns caused by hot pans used in your kitchen. When we install new countertops in your kitchen, make sure that you are wary of this vulnerability and protect your new counters from heat.

At Jim’s Floor Depot, we understand that installing new countertops in your kitchen is a large investment. If you choose Corian countertops, we will help you select the right color, texture, and thickness, so you are 100% satisfied when we finish the installation job.

We are also proud to offer affordable and flexible financing options for 6, 12, 18, or 24 months, so you don’t have to put off remodeling your kitchen. Contact us at Jim’s Floor Depot for more information about our selection of Corian countertops.